Our Services

Meet Brandi

Brandi Walton began her career with WCCU Credit Union in 1998. With experience in both member service and lending departments, Brandi developed a passion for helping people. In 2010, Brandi accepted a position with WCCU Investment Consultants and continues to provide WCCU members with great service. With her knowledge of WCCU, her experience as a financial services coordinator, her experience as an investment professional with Commonwealth Financial Network® and as a licensed insurance professional, Brandi enjoys helping WCCU members with their investment needs.

There is Value for Everyone!

Whether you are just starting out on your own, newly married, parents with young children, approaching retirement, in retirement, or have questions in regards to your aging parents, WCCU Investment Consultants provide a variety of services.

As independent financial advisors, we have no parent company or product pressures driving our recommendations; we answer only to you. So you know you’re getting objective, impartial guidance in all areas, including:

  • Investment Planning
  • Investments for Retirees
  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Lump Sum Distributions
  • IRAs
  • Maximizing Pension Benefits
  • Long-Term Healthcare Funding Options and Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning Basics
  • Funeral Expenses Trust Accounts
  • College Expense Planning
  • Life Insurance Reviews

At WCCU Investment Consultants we recognize that each situation is unique. Our primary focus is to assist you in creating a plan that reflects your values and way of thinking, suits your current circumstances, grows to fit your changing needs, and flexible enough to accommodate the unexpected along the way. Whether your financial life encompasses all or only a few of these areas, we will meet you where you are and build the plan that works for you.